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Many people still have yearbooks

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Everyone knows pictures can tell stories. Children grow up staring at funny, sad, mysterious or vibrant pictures as their parents read to them. Grandparents see so much in snapshots taken of their grandkids. Pictures tell the story of us, played out in scrapbooks, shoeboxes and digital displays. Pictures hold memories, and the same is true for a high school yearbook.

Like the teenager who appreciates the memories captured from his childhood Purple Chris Webber Jersey , many people appreciate the look back to younger days afforded by a yearbook. Whether you are looking back to remember a childhood friend, feeling nostalgic about days gone by or sharing your past with someone you love, a yearbook is full of stories to be told.

Here are a few times a yearbook offers a great supplement to memories:

鈥?Sharing your past with kids or grandkids,

鈥?Reminiscing with friends about high school events,

鈥?Looking up friends you have lost touch with,

鈥?Remembering parts of your past you have forgotten Purple Harrison Barnes Jersey ,

鈥?Helping to put together reunions, and

鈥?Passing on bits of personal history to future generations.

Some people do not get a yearbook, either because they think their memories will not matter much after high school or that they will retain all the important memories without the help of a yearbook. These people may find later in life they wish they had a book to spark memories or share with others. For example, even if you were not prom queen or high school quarterback, you may want to share a few of your teen memories with your spouse one day. Many couples find it enjoyable and somewhat amusing to read each other's yearbook. This is especially true for couples that meet long after teenage years, because the books provide a window to each other's past and an understanding of some of the memories that live there.

Many people still have yearbooks belonging to their parents or grandparents Authentic Buddy Hield Jersey , as well. These old volumes can provide comfort to people who have lost love ones, help friends remember times of joy and provide countless hours of entertainment when grandchildren laugh at old hairstyles or ask about old customs. Yearbooks, after all, are living history books that tell stories of small town kids, budding romances, plans for the future and the success of yesteryear. They should be collected in family libraries to be added to by generations to come.

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